Did you know Mr. Flamini, Assistant Principal to Student Services has said that out of all the @cpactc programs, if he had to chose one to enroll in, it would be #cosmetology. Who better to drive "The Hair Machine" then on their program display board?! #opportunitiesunlimited
28 days ago, CPACTC
Mr. Flamini Driving the Hair Machine
NO PM @cpactc students in attendance today, Friday, Sept. 2, 2022
28 days ago, CPACTC
@cpactc #criminaljustice students can be seen throughout the building, learning how to navigate the hallways, as part of their #backtoschool #scavengerhunt from Instructor, Mr. Shannon #opportunitiesunlimited
29 days ago, CPACTC
criminal justice student scavenger hunt 2022
https://www.cpatech.org/events?id=13542102 Fri., Sept. 2nd, only AM Session @cpactc students attend classes, afternoon will be Staff In-Service. Mon., Sept. 5th School is Closed for Labor Day. Visit www.cpatech.org to view the school calendar 22-23 #opportunitiesunlimited
30 days ago, CPACTC
Masonry finished project from last year at the West Shore Elks Club. The Elk Statue was in need of a new base to support it. @cpactc #masonry did excellent brick work! #cpactcproud #opportunitiesunlimited
about 1 month ago, CPACTC
WS Elks Masonry Finished Product
It is finally here! @cpactc new and returning fill the hallways this AM! It is good to be back! Welcome to 22-23 #opportunitiesunlimited
about 1 month ago, CPACTC
day 1 AM Students fill the cpactc hallways
AM Bus Arrival Day 1
CPACTC 2022-2023 School Year starts tomorrow! We cannot wait to see our new and returning students and begin another year of @cpactc #opportunities! #newschoolyear #cpactc #opportunitiesunlimited
about 1 month ago, CPACTC
cpactc driveway sign
CPACTC New Teacher Orientation! @cpactc #22-23 schoolyear
about 1 month ago, CPACTC
New Teachers
CPACTC First Student Day is 2 Weeks Away!! Thursday, August 25, 2022.
about 2 months ago, CPACTC
*ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS* Save the Date for New Student Orientation Night Monday, August 22nd: 5:00pm & 6:30pm Cosmetology Dental Assisting Criminal Justice Healthcare Pathways Culinary Arts Automation, Robotics, and Electronics Early Childhood Education Advanced Manufacturing Technology Welding Tuesday, August 23rd: 5:00pm & 6:30pm Carpentry Advertising, Art & Design Electrical Construction and Maintenance Computer Networking HVAC Computer Programming Horticulture & Landscaping Automotive Collision Technology Masonry Automotive Technology Diesel Technology Logistics & Warehousing Management
about 2 months ago, CPACTC
Civil Construction Camp students visited various job sites this week! @cpactc
about 2 months ago, CPACTC
Civil Construction Trip
Civil Construction FT
Sewer Plant Trip
Warehouse Trip
Civil Construction Exploration kicked off this week with partner Liberty Excavators going over safety before the site visit. @cpactc
about 2 months ago, CPACTC
Civil Construction Camp
The old Advertising Art & Design room is ready for the expansion of the Electrical Construction program move in! @cpactc #aadout #ecmmovein
3 months ago, CPACTC
Old Advertising Room
Auto Collision Technology's 360 degree rotating frame machine arrived! @cpactc #act
3 months ago, CPACTC
Frame Machine
Frame Machine
Advertising Art & Design moved into their new space! @cpactc #aadmovedin #fransonout
3 months ago, CPACTC
New Advertising Room
The new Cosmetology work stations and shampoo bowls have been delivered! @cpactc #greenisgone #hellogray
3 months ago, CPACTC
Cosmetology Work Stations
Cosmetology Sink Stations
Cosmetology Work Stations 2
Old Cosmetology Stations
Chloe Sherman representing Pennsylvania at the HOSA National Competition! @cpactc #HOSAcompetition
3 months ago, CPACTC
HOSA Competition
The new social studies classrooms are almost ready for students on August 25! @cpactc #ssrenovation
3 months ago, CPACTC
Old CJ Room
CJ Project
New SS Room 1
New SS Room 2
BEST of LUCK to Chloe Sherman, Emerging Health Professionals student, from Greenwood, as she ventures to Tennessee to compete at the HOSA National Conference this week in Pathophysiology! #cpactcproud #HOSA @cpactc
3 months ago, CPACTC
Thank you to all the CPACTC Middle School Camp student helpers!
4 months ago, CPACTC
Auto Middle School Helper
Middle School Cos Helpers