E&G Electric
CPACTC Middle School Camp 2023
Community Day 2023
Alumni Tyler Failor
50th Reunion Luncheon & Tour
Mechanicsburg North Rotary students of the month Feb. 2023
Yellow Breeches Feb. 2023 Rotary Student of the Month
all 4 alumni visitors say farewell to retiring instructor, mr lamertina
Coop spotlight-Jan 2023 Drake Sellers
Best in Show
Yellow Breeches- Rotary Student of the Month- January 2023
Mech-North Rotary Students of the Month- January 2023
Coop Spotlight- Dalton Ackley
Photo from Cosmetology Alumni Day, that Kara Rowe attended
Brian Schade
Yellow Breeches Rotary SOM Nov. 2022
 Mech North- Rotary SOMs Nov. 2022
riley sanderson alumni guest speaker
coop spotlight- zachary wood