all 4 alumni visitors say farewell to retiring instructor, mr lamertina

CPACTC had the great pleasure of welcoming back four Computer Programming Alumni last week. These students returned to bid a fond farewell to their CPACTC Instructor, Mr. Lamertina as he heads into retirement. His tremendous impact on their education was something they felt moved to come express to him before he heads on to the next part of life. They graciously took the time to share their experiences with us since leaving CPACTC.


Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“I am a full-time student.”

“College right now.”

“Going to college full-time.”

“I am working in the food industry for now, until I know what I want to do.”


What is your job title and what do you do?

“I am a Sophomore with a Major in Computer Science.”

“Sophomore year of college, majoring in Computer & Information Science.”

“Burrista (burrito roller) at Neato Burrito.”


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPACTC? Where? Did CPACTC prepare you?

“I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at HU. My education at CPACTC greatly prepared me for furthering my studies.”

“I attend Harrisburg University. Quite a few credits transferred from my education in Computer Programming at CPACTC. I was prepared for college by CPACTC.”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“Cumberland Perry focused me on what I wanted to do as a career.”

“I was able to invest early in my future with a directed education over general studies.”

“It allows you to learn an offered trade skill, and also prepares you better for a college education.”


How has your industry changed?

“The base of your education in this field was designed with that in mind, so you are more adaptable to the changes that will eventually come.”

“The field itself is constantly changing and growing.”

“Software industry is always evolving.”


What is your favorite CPACTC memory?

“When I developed a working Pong Game.”

“Mr. Lamertina’s great lectures and making friends.”

“At the time, I wasn’t as appreciative, but I must admit, looking back, Mr. Lamertina’s teaching was always wonderful, especially the lectures, and it gives great note taking skills for college, which you need.”

“When my Instructor would be lecturing, and I realized I understood programming despite it’s difficulty. That felt great, knowing I was learning something not everyone can grasp.”


Additional Comments:

“The class at Harrisburg University are just like the class I took at CPACTC. I do not know where I would be without having had an education at Cumberland Perry.”- Adbou


“I started out ahead in college because of my programming education at CPACTC.”-Crespo


“I want to add on to my best memories from here, by saying, there are too many great memories in my three years here to name them all. Every year we had a wonderful Holiday party where we could just have fun together. Other times the beginning of the class was great, the start of each new year seeing everyone’s face in class again, catching up, finding out what was planned for us to learn each day. I sincerely hope that future students have just as much fun as I did in taking Computer Programming and can enjoy the same benefits that come with it.”- Smeltzer