Taylor Stitt Fashion Week

Taylor Stitt can add New York Fashion Week to her resume after attending this exclusive event September 8-12, that featured over 110 globally famous designers. Taylor was immersed in the runway event with fashion and makeup seminars and assisting stylists with extensions for the models’ manes that featured the wet slick look for the 2022 spectacle. Assisting stylists at the event, like Brittaney and Melanie, to adding extensions to Briana’s mane, and assisting the LAB NYFW, Moore, with runway model retrieval, are experiences Taylor will remember!

Returning to the Big Apple for the next star-studded event, means Taylor must concentrate on obtaining hours required to satisfy her cosmetology license, which she expects to complete while enrolled in the Pilot Program through CPACTC, and her employer Nailed it with Style Salon, where she practices techniques until mastered.