Student Project Sale

With the cancellation of the 2022 PA Home Builders Show, CPACTC students were left with beautiful constructed projects without homes. Staff and students came up with a creative way to showcase and sell their handcrafted work hosting a Community Day Sale that featured several different programs and fabricated projects for sale.

Carpentry students had the abundance of fabricated wood pieces for sale. Student items ranged from various picnic tables, children’s playhouses, sheds, benches, animal enclosures, deer blinds, chairs, a planting greenhouse, and a rough cut shed.

Masonry students were able to participate as well, featuring their brick pizza ovens and stone fire places. Welding students fabricated steel outdoor patio furniture, fire pits, and customized steel cutouts. Horticulture showcased their annual home grown flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Students were very excited to be able to display their hand crafted work! Many requested this as an annual event at CPACTC. Stay tuned for items not sold and where you can buy one of a kind handcrafted projects!