Ray White Reitrement

Ray White was the IT “Mr. fix it” at Cumberland Perry Area CTC for 10 years. He has worked in education for over 19 years at Camp Hill School District, Dover Area School District, and the Mechanicsburg School Board. Mr. White shared how technology has changed since his time at CPACTC: “All of our programs now utilize technology in the classroom.  When I started laptops resided in carts with a wireless access point that programs shared and now the whole school is wireless with up to 400 devices connected to the wireless network.” Here is just some of the technology that has changed since Rays arrival at CPACTC:  Alexa introduced, Siri debuted, IPad’s stormed the market, Instagram was founded, Snapchat entered the social media world, consumer drones are readily available, BMW and Tesla’s self-driving cars enter the automobile market, Reusable rockets lifted off, hoverboards arrive on children’s wish lists, smartwatch competition begins, affordable electric cars entertain drivers, and remote/virtual school learning in public schools.

Ray’s most memorable experience at CPACTC was a trip with Mrs. Perry, to attend the NAHB Competition for the International Builders Show held in Las Vegas. Mr. White will miss the daily emails, phone messages, sticky notes, and hallway halts of the everyday challenges asked of IT to fix!  Mr. White enjoyed working collaboratively with Mrs. Cook to make each program succeed, while maintaining a different software or hardware package throughout the school. 

Mr. White has not scheduled any tasks for the month of January, although we are aware that his wife, children, and grandchildren may arrange his “all other duties as assigned” schedule.

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!