Culinary Students partner with Friends of Market Square

Cumberland Perry AVTS programs participate every year with numerous service projects that students gain communication skills, real work experience, and team building involvement.  Culinary students partnered with Friends of Market Square to serve meals to the homeless in Harrisburg. 

Sixty five culinary students helped prepare the meal, and 12 students assisted with set-up and plate serving.  Students prepared the menu which consisted of a mouthwatering pot roast, creamy mashed potatoes, and delicious cookie and brownie desserts.  Each of the culinary team was assigned a serving station where they plated more than 50 meals for the evening.  There was even enough leftovers to send to go trays for an additional meal. 

Marinya, a second year culinary student, assisted with serving the pot roast and “enjoyed helping others” and “it was a team building task that blended the AM and PM students together” she stated.  Jayden who is a first year culinary student stated “the people we served were polite and very appreciative”.

Cumberland Perry AVTS is proud of the outreach culinary students participated in with serving their community!