hvac guest speaker and alumni

Dominic Devlin visited CPACTC recently to impart some wisdom to previous classmates regarding continuing education in the HVAC field. While he was here, we took the opportunity to catch up with him also… here is what he had to share.

Describe the company or industry you currently work in.

“I am not currently working; I am advancing my education as a full-time student at PIA.” “I came in today as a guest speaker to share my experiences in my first year of college with fellow students in my trade.”

What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPACTC?

“I am a full-time student at the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. I feel CPACTC prepared me extremely well for my field and continuing my education in a somewhat related field of study.”

How was Cumberland Perry different as a school?

“It provided me with real-life hands-on skills, and I was learning something that I wanted to do after school was over.”

How has your industry changed since you time at CPACTC?

“Because I chose to go to PIA, I am now going to be an aircraft mechanic.”

What is your favorite memory from your time at CPACTC?

“My Instructor, Mr. P. riding his tractor, it still makes me smile.” “I was happy to get the opportunity to come speak with his class today and visit him, especially upon finding out he is retiring at the end of this year. He will be missed for sure!”