Congratulations to UPMC for being selected as CPACTC’s Business Partner of the Year! UPMC has been invaluable in expanding the Emerging Health Professionals program over the last five years.

UPMC has opened their doors to CPACTC high school students for four days a week for onsite learning experiences. Students have had the opportunity to experience the OR, Wound Clinic, Respiratory Clinic, Cardiac Cath Lab, Imaging Center, and the ICU. When immersing themselves in these experiences, students would either visit Harrisburg Hospital, UPMC Carlisle, or UPMC West Shore for their onsite learning.

UPMC has assisted CPACTC students with TB testing, flu vaccines, and other venipuncture collections. EHP students were offered part-time employment opportunities within UPMC while they attend college furthering their medical degrees. UPMC has been instrumental for the expansion of the Emerging Health Professionals program with phenomenal student experiences that are unlikely for high school students. CPACTC is excited for this partnership to grow and flourish the health care industry!