Forklift Simulator

The Logistics and Warehouse Management program at Cumberland Perry Area CTC happily received their Forklift simulator on March 13,  purchased utilizing grant funds.

Mr. Lepri thought “this would be a great purchase for students who are intimated to learn to drive the actual logistics forklifts”. This device would allow students to practice module sessions that the teacher can track and then students can complete the simulator course and hopefully increasing student confidence to receive their “real” forklift certification. This simulator features motion tracking, active pedals, switches, and toggles very similar to industry machines. Students log in and it tracks the data, errors, score, and offers correction feedback when necessary. The students in the logistics classroom enjoy “the real-life skills experience” and wish it was purchased sooner! 

This simulator maybe a collaborative usage in the future as it offers various construction, transportation, and agriculture simulated curriculum that may be purchased for additional student instruction. Some program instructors have already tried their program machine offerings and how it could enrich student versatile machine skills.

SimulatorLepri Simulator